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Here at A Dream
        Dreams do come true
All of our puppies  come well socialized, and used to everyday activities. They are handled and played with daily from the very 1st day.
                   They are always started out on paper training at an early age, and usually pretty much trained when you pick them up
                                                             They  will come  to you  up to date on their shots and  dewormed multiple times
                                                   They will be clean and healthy,   bathed, toenails clipped, and  a minor puppy grooming.
We do NOT post our home address for the entire world to see.
We feel this is very unsafe, and  the safety of our home,  children, pets and peace of mind, will always come first .
I do NOT flaunt out my addess to everyone that calls. I will give you my address  once I know for sure you are planning to visit .
      We do not live in a perfect world, so we must take precautions on  who we invite into our home.
                                    This is my home, not  the mall , or a  petting store 
        I hope everyone  can understand  this, if you dont... you may need to call someone else.
                                      Puppies sizes are based on experience, from  past & previous  litters

    We are dedicated to creating the best  puppies in the southern region.
           We are commited to  raising   healthy &  beautiful  puppies
                         We just couldn't imagine our life without  puppies to love and fuss over
              From  the  very beginning, only the best would do.   Breeding only the best to the best.
                  We have been able to create   our  very own   '  A Dream puppy '   dream  team.

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                                 AKC  Inspected
All good reviews, and many  compliments.  100 % in compliance

  We retain the right to terminate a  pending  adoption,  if we fill the adoption is not in the best interest of the puppy.

                                    If  we deem this necessary,,  we   will refund your  holding fee immediately

We do NOT Ship our babies...
Poodle puppies  &   ShiPoo puppies
  teacups, Tinies and Toys-   usually  3-7 Lbs