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Morkies are also highly intelligent and easy to train, and  also non -shedding and most  are  hypoallergenic
              These dogs could take on the temperanment of both the Yorkies and/or the Maltese.
                                         They make wonderful little companion pets !

  A Morkie is a  cross between our purebred Yorkie  and our pure bred Maltese.
A Morkie is Not a purebred.
Responsible Morkie breeder in Alabama.  Morkie puppies  make great pets and are very smart, most are easy to train,                and easy to fall in love with. We  produce some of the smartest and cutest Morkies  in Alabama.
                                                       We do NOT ship our puppies !
                          Morkies come in various colors, and most lighten with age.
                                           Some can take on the  look of a Yorkie,
                                        some can  be solid white as  is the Maltese.
                                                     Some can even be a blonde.
                                   Some may have ears that stand up strait and tall,
                                                             and some may not
                                         What we  do know is, that our Morkies will
                                                     make your dreams come true !
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** Morkie puppies   **
These wonderful little companions can live happily in  just about any  home, whether it be a big house with a yard, or  a small apartment.
                               They don't  require allot of exercise, but I do recommend a nice leisurely walk at least 1 time a day
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We reserve the right to deny  a purchase to anyone that we dont feel comfortable with
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**  Morkie puppies   **
pictures were taken on June 28th
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Deposits are accepted, but are not refundable
Please be sure you are commited to this adoption, before placing a deposit
We love to see our morkie babies go to the same home  together
                discount  is given if you adopt 2 at the same time
We are located a in Tuscaloosa , Alabama
Picking your puppy up
pick ups are made  by appointment only, please call to schedule your appointment  2-3 days  before the day you want to come
  If you have already called and scheduled your appointment,  please give me a call the day before to confirm pickup,                                                                                                            Thanks,  
                                                                                  Donna  , your  Morkie breeder
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                   We do not mass produce, and we dont have  Morkie puppies all the time,
Date:  Wednesday, April 21, 2010 7:11 AM 
From:  Lindsey R. Wilbanks   
To:  adreampuppy@charter.net  
Subject:  BAILEY-Update 
Size:  527 KB 
Attachments:  Bailey2.jpg (519.5 KB) 

Hi!! I just wanted to send you a couple of update pictures of Bailey! I hope you enjoy them J She is such a joy and I feel really blessed to have her! She has lightened up so much, but is still just as beautiful as the day we picked her up.

Comments :
Date:  Wednesday, May 27, 2009 3:35 PM 
From:  Catherine Lorence  
To:  adreampuppy@charter.net  
Subject:  Re: 
Size:  3 KB 

Hi Donna!

Thanks for checking on him. The ride home went surprisingly well and he is doing great! He is so sweet and doing really well with the house
training so far. He is eating well and seems to be adjusting great. By the way, we decided to name him Murphy. I will try and e-mail some
pictures to you. We haven't uploaded them to our computer yet.


  call  205- 534-6691
We will  be  breeding for  Morkie puppies summer 2011
Buddy is the our Maltese stud